What I like about desert is that it feels like a place lost in time. Surrounded by nothing but sand and dirt, it feels prehistoric. Who knows how long that rock I’m standing next to has been there? By the look of it, dinosaurs have passed by and seen the exact same things I’m seeing. Today, let’s take a look at capturing its aura in a photos.

Deserts exist throughout the world. From the Mojave to the the Sahara to the Australian Outback. They’re excellent places to create unique and stunning photos. There are also a lot of stories in the desert waiting to be told.

Here are some tips to get you inspired and to achieve the best images of the desert.

Look Up to the Sky

With no skyscrapers or telephone poles blocking your sight, the sky really opens up in the desert. You feel like you’re standing on the surface of the moon because the horizon extends so vastly in every way you look.

Use this open sky to create interesting negative space in your images. Minimalist photography works great here because of the amount of space you have to work with.

Also, keep your eyes and ears peeled for planes and jets that often fly by and leave a trail. The patterns they create can be captured in a way that enhances the overall image.